In honor of Narcissus flowers, Stolovi mountain

Traditionally, over 60 years in a row, on mountain Stolovi in May, the club of mountaineers “Gvozdac” from Kraljevo organizes a free mountain-recreating tour in honor of Narcissus flowers. Read more

„In honor of my donor“

Coming from a great love for nature and hiking, a year after her lung transplantation in Vienna, Sandra Zivkovic (25) has decided to organize mountaineering ascent in honor of her donor, under the name “In honor of my donor”, on mountain Tupiznica. Read more

Serbian Trekking league

Serbian trekking league is a trail running competition held by the Serbian Mountaineering Association which constitutes of a number of mountaineering activities during a year during which mountaineers compete in moving across various trails, either running or walking by using a map provided by an organizer with the necessary orientation. Read more