Serbian Trekking league 2018

  Schedule for 2018


  1st round 25.03.2018 Kosjeric PSK Balkan, Beograd
  2nd round 14.04.2018 Vršačke planine PSD Vršačka kula, Vršac
  3rd round 19.05.2018 Jastrebac PSK Jastrebac, Kruševac
  4th round 30.06.2018 Ozren PK Ozren, Sokobanja
  5th round 25.08.2018 Čortanovci PK Železničar, Inđija
  6th round 30.09.2018 Rajac PSK Pobeda, Beograd
  7th round 20.10.2018 Grza PK Javorak, Paraćin

Master cup Serbia

  1st round 16.06.2018         Ozren         

PSK Brđanka, Aleksinac

PK Ozren, Sokobanja


1st round - (results)



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