Stolovi mountain

Mountain Stolovi is located in central part of Serbia, near town Kraljevo. The highest peak of Stolovi is Kamarište (or Usovica),1375 meters high above sea level. Read more

Rtanj mountain

Rtanj is the mountain located in eastern Serbia and it represents natural phenomenon of karst relief. Mountain suddenly rises from the flat land and it forms almost regular limestone pyramid. Highest point of Rtanj is peak called Šiljak 1561 meters high above sea level. Read more

Malinik mountain and Lazar’s canyon

Was created by cutting Lazareva river in the limestone plain of Dubašnica, great Lazar’s canyon is part of Kucaj range, which is located in eastern Serbia, near the village of Zlot, near the city of Bor, which has shallower and smaller canyons built sideways. The Malinik mountains rise over the south side above the cliffs of the canyon . The highest peak of the same named mountain is located at 1,087 meters above sea level. Read more