Eastern Serbia - 6 days trekking

A unique blend of wild, untouched nature, unexplored areas, breathtaking viewpoints and exciting relief forms will make your hiking extraordinary! Hospitality, kindness, openness and warmth of ordinary people, will make unforgettable this four-day East Serbia adventure. Let’s go together and spice your hiking holiday with domestic, home-made food that will completely fulfilled your hiking days! Read more

Ovčar and Kablar trekking holiday

Mountains Ovčar (peak at 985m above sea level) and Kablar (peak at 885m above sea level) are located in central Serbia, 15 kilometers west of town of Čačak. These two mountains form picturesque Ovčar-Kablar gorge through which flows Zapadna Morava river. The gorge has very steep sides and double locked meanders... Read more

4 days hiking on Fruska Gora

Fruška gora is the historic border between the East and the West, situated about 80 km from Belgrade, near Novi Sad making it the perfect place to experience a journey of history, nature, cultural heritage and cuisine of the region.
The program activities include: hiking the ancient Panonnian island of Fruška gora, local cuisine delicacies, winetasting, learning about history and culture.

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