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Trekking is a physical activity which means movement by foot – walking or running in the most diverse natural terrains, mountains, hills, meadows, woods, on marked or unmarked trails by using a map, a compass or a GPS device, mandatory personal equipment and supplies of food and water, without the help of motorized means of transport.

About the Serbian Trekking League

Serbian trekking league is a trail running competition held by the Serbian Mountaineering Association which constitutes of a number of mountaineering activities during a year during which mountaineers compete in moving across various trails, either running or walking by using a map provided by an organizer with the necessary orientation. All the trails are marked with the mountaineering markings.
Rules of Serbian Trekking League say that contestants must pass by the determined control points, within a certain time limit, on one of three predefined trails, in an order determined by a rulebook for each race separately. For the trail route already existing mountaineering and hiking trails are used. An organizer of a round in Serbian trekking league must make routes for three trails: 10-20 km (small trail), 20-30 km (medium trail), over 30 km (long trail). All trails must be circular with the same start and finish line.


Contestants who finish one of three trails get points for finishing that trail, and every trail is scored separately based on the length and the difficulty of a terrain. In addition, contestants get points based on the place they achieved on the race, which are:

1st place 15 points
2nd place 12 points
3rd place 10 points
4th place 9 points
5th place 8 points
6th place 7 points
7th place 6 points
8th place 5 points
9th place 4 points
10th place 3 points
11th to 15th place 2 points
16th to 20th place 1 point

Final standings of contestants in one round are determined based on the sum of points won for finishing a trail and points based on the placement on the finished trail. Final standings of individuals is count based on the points won in all rounds of Serbian Trekking League during one season. Final standings of clubs is determined by the sum of points of five top contestants of the same club in each round separately.
Members of mountaineering or other sport clubs can participate in the competition and they must be active sportsmen which is confirmed by a mountaineer membership card or a competitor’s licence.


First promo round of Trekking League of Vojovodina (VTL) took place on 8th of September 2012 in Bukovac, 42 contestants participated. On that year there were 4 promo rounds of VTL.
Serbian Trekking league (TLS) started in 2014 with the organization of promo round in Grza near Paraćin, while trekking league of Vojvodina (VTL) is organized since 2012. In 2015 there were four rounds in TLS and in 2016 there were seven.

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