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4th round of the Serbian Trekking league - Malinik mountain and Lazar’s canyon


Trekking league Serbia is a competition, organized by Mountaineering Association Serbia which includes trail running and walking on marked mountain trails of different length and complexity.

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Weekend hiking on Kopaonik


Last weekend we visited mountain Kopaonik, major ski resort in Serbia. Around that we enjoyed in hospitality of Kraljevi Čardaci Spa hotel, we used the opportunity to take a walk on their beautiful paths in the area with exciting views to Kopaonik slopes, mountain Golija, Kosovo and mountains of Montenegro.

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Quest for Narcissus 61 years in a row


On Sunday 14/05/2017. on Stolovi mountain near Kraljevo, Serbia, was organized big hiking event “Quest for Narcissus” which is in calendar of main events of Mountaineering association of Serbia.

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Top 5 Mountain Ridges in Serbia


Walking on some mountain ridge is one of the greatest pleasures for all the mountaineers and adventurers. Vast open space over sheer cliffs won’t leave anyone indifferent. Ridge tours offer greater pleasure than the prominent peaks, and most of the times these are rocky terrains which require some stamina.

Although mountains in Serbia, with altitude up to 2000 m, don’t pose a great challenge in that sense, on the other hand with their diversity and attraction they present quite a jewel for all the people who enjoy nature.

List is made according to the subjective and personal experience of the text’s author and it surely can be filled with other destinations.

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