About us


Andrej Ivošev

Founder trekking-serbia.com and Mountain Guide II category MB 560

“As a great lover of nature, I like to explore new trails and destinations. They always bring me new adventures and experience. I am married, a proud father of two children, whom i’m traveling with and trying to learn new things from nature.“


Founder of trekking-serbia.com, member of PEK “Gora”, Kragujevac (*PEK - Mountaineering and Ecology club). Licenced III category mountaineering guide MB 560 of Mountaineering Association Serbia, according to the UIAA standards (International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation).

Мountaineer since 2003. and president of mountaineering class section in PEK “Gora” Kragujevac. Actively participate in club activities and organize mountain hiking tours regularly. As a tour guide, had the highest number of organized hiking tours in 2016 and 2017 in the club.
Leading both winter and summer ascents all across Serbia with up to 50 participants. Also organizer of ascents to Kablar and Mučanj for beginners with as many as 75 participants. In 2017 leading guide on "Quest for Narcissus" hiking event with more than 1200 participants.

Member of Trekking league team which was a state champion in Serbia in 2016, participating in all 6 rounds, running the longest trail in all 6 rounds. Ammateur athlete runner and mountain biker.
Regularly participate and volunteer in the activities of arranging the mountain trails around Kragujevac and Bor. Editor of club’s website and facebook page.

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Nataša Cvetković

Mountain Guide III category MB 577

"A lifelong outdoors enthusiast. Free spirited, adventurous, exploratory. Nataša loves hiking along well known and, even more, rarely if ever used trails. Enjoys equally in breath taking views from highest mountain tops and scenic, pastoral trails in hilly landscapes. Dedicated, caring, loving mother of two children."

Mountaineer since 2013, member of Mountaineering Society Žeželj, Kragujevac. Licensed III Category Mountain Guide of Mountaineering Association Serbia, according to UIAA standard, MB 577.

Actively participates in organizing and execution of mountain hiking tours in MS Žeželj on regular basis. As a tour guide she has organized and executed physically and technically demanding hiking tours with up to 50 participants, such as ascent to Radočelo mountain from river Izubra canyon, less demanding tours with up to 130 participants, such as Bešnjaja Trail as well as numerous relaxed hiking tours for beginners.

Nataša is also a certified sign language interpreter and is active in local associations and organizations of deaf persons. Members of said organizations are often participants of Nataša’s guided mountain hiking tours.